ABCD Daily Schedule

ABCD Daily Shedule

What does a typical day look like for our students? We have 4 sessions in each day: A, B, C, and D!

A: “All-In” - Warm-up for the day with your classmates and teachers. Some encouragement from the Bible and time to set your goals for the day!

B: “Build” - Build on what you know, focussing on 2 subjects per day on our online curriculum (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Japanese).

C: “Connect” - Connect with your classmates, teachers, and our community through group activities, developing your teamwork and communication skills.

D: “Design” - Develop your Design Thinking skills learning in real-life situations - Project-based learning, and using critical and creative thinking. Based on a topic for the term, which could be bugs, coding, flight, healthy bodies, sustainability, Mars, or even acoustics!

Wednesday is Genius Hour Day! This is a passion project. They choose an area they’re interested in, research, plan, record their progress, and present it to the class at the end of the term. It’s just one way for our students to discover their potential, develop their skills, and apply their learning to real life.