Zoe International School prepares students for life through an innovative, holistic, and balanced curriculum.
Learning is student-centered and project-based, allowing students the freedom to master skills at their own pace before moving on.
Students engage in four sessions each day: All-in, Build, Connect, and Create.



In All-in students begin the day as a community of learners with a motivating warm up activity and an opportunity to set their own learning goals for the following session. Students take ownership of their own learning through reflecting on their progress and developing challenging and realistic goals for the day.

Independence - Organisation, setting short and long-term goals, taking initiative, plan a schedule, time management, take notes, asking good questions



In Build students explore 5 mastery-based subjects online: English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Japanese language.  Student learning is self-paced and self-led, following an internationally accredited curriculum. Students create their own learning goals for each morning, and reflect on their progress at the end of the session. Teachers track student performance closely and provide support when necessary to assist students in excelling in each subject.

Resilience - Persevering through challenges, asking for help, ignoring distractions, getting myself unstuck, focusing on my goals



In Connect students engage in meaningful group activities to develop interpersonal skills. Through a variety of physical, intellectual, and social activities, students learn to communicate effectively with others, understand the importance of integrity in building trust, and develop their ability to work well in a team.

Teamwork - Listen and respond to others with respect, anticipate the needs of others, act with fairness, consider how actions affect others, Help others succeed, sportsmanship, Communicate clearly and calmly, resolve conflict & challenges, consider your audience, use verbal & body language to communicate effectively, share my ideas in small and large groups, leadership



In Design students develop creative and critical thinking skills through real life project-based learning. Projects vary in nature, based on an overarching monthly topic. Students apply their learning and use Design Thinking to create innovative solutions to problems

Creativity - Problem solving, apply knowledge to new situations, improve products & processes, create, develop & defend solutions, Identify patterns & relationships, uses 5 senses to notice details, break ideas down into smaller parts, Make connections between ideas.