The academic year at Zoe International School runs from April to March.
However, we do accept applications throughout the school year, as we recognize that some students might be transferring from schools with a different academic year.
We are happy to talk with parents and students about the best answer for each student's educational and social-emotional needs.


1. Contact Us
Sign up to attend an Open House or schedule a personal Interest Meeting.
2. Apply Online
Please be prepare the following at the time of your application:
Application Form
・Parent & Student Agreement Form
・Student's passport and photo
・Academic Transcript or most recent school report for the past academic year
・Bank transfer receipt for Application Fee
Once the completed application has been reviewed, applicants will be notified.
Applicants who are successful in the initial screening process will be contacted to arrange any required testing and interviews. Application fees cover paperwork processing, interview and assessment.
Please pay the application fee by bank transfer.
Please make a transfer under your child's name and make. a copy of the bank transfer slip.
3. Testing
All applicants will be given a diagnostic test in both English and Mathematics to determine their level, and whether any additional support will be required.
If students have previously undertaken standardized testing or official internationally recognised English tests, please present evidence of this at this time.
4. Interview
Both the parents and the student will be interviewed. Online options will be available.
5. Decision
Admission decisions will be communicated by email.
In most cases, families are notified within 1-2 weeks of the testing and interview.
Admission decisions are based on a variety of factors including class sizes, English language ability, special needs, and classroom dynamics.
6. Admission
Upon completing all the above application steps, successful applicants will receive a Letter of Admission from the school, followed by an invoice indicating the amount and due dates for the admission fees.
Admission fees are required to be paid in full within 2 weeks and represent a one-time non-refundable amount required in order to secure your child's space at the school.
Please pay the admission fee by bank transfer.
Please make a transfer under your child's name and take a copy of the bank transfer slip.
7. Waiting List
If places in the grade you are applying to are not available at the time of application, you could request a waiting list placement.
In order to be put on the waiting list, all applicants must complete the Enrollment Steps 1-5 mentioned above.
The Waiting List is only available for students who were considered "successful applicants" as a result of the academic assessment.