Grades 10-12

High School is an exciting time of life when students are beginning to make decisions about their future. The decisions facing international students may be compounded as they consider which country in which they would like to pursue further studies or employment.

In order to equip students with the greatest possibility of admission to further studies, we recommend students to be dually enrolled with both Zoe International School and Ignitia Virtual Academy, which will guarantee students graduate with an accredited high school diploma which will place them in good standing to apply for university entrance.

Ignitia Virtual Academy is a fully accredited online Christian school which provides a range of subjects, including elective subjects, and qualified teachers who are available to assist students with their studies. Grade 10-12 students still participate in “All-In” every morning, however, due to the demanding nature of high school studies, students participate in Connect and Design only twice per week.

This creates a balance to students’ schedules, and opportunities to build meaningful relationships, and continue to develop critical 21st century skills. Students in grades 10-12 have the option to undertake their studies while physically attending the Yokohama campus, provided they live within a commutable distance.

Ignitia Virtual Academy is internationally accredited by ACSI, and has earned the highest educational standards for excellence, which help your student when applying at a college or university.