Why Choose an International School?

Why Choose an International School?

Should we go with an international Education or Japanese education?

One question we hear often at Zoe International School is "what are the benefits of an international school?".
As the cost is more than a local school, this is an important question!

Here are a 3 reasons to choose an international school:

1. A Future-proof Education
The world is changing fast! In this changing environment , English has become the global standard for communication. An international school will give your child the ability to live anywhere in the world and a headstart in the wordplace.

2. Flexibilty
Often public schools take many years to change or implement new ideas.  With a smaller cohort and teacher/student ratio, an international school can pivot towards the latest technology and adopt new learning methods quickly.

3. Community
An international school is made up of a diverse community of nationalities.  Of course in Japanese there are many Japanese families as well as as mixed nationalities and international familes. This diverse group of students and parents is a great way to experience other cultures and also build life long friendships.

Of course there are many other reasons to choose an international school and we would love to welcome you and your family!

If you have any questions please contact us and if you would like to join please apply here.