Lunch in the park

Lunch in the park So much fun! Students love being able to have lunch in the park and play (when it’s sunny!) Zoe – “the school you wished you went to!”

Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals Students had fun learning about endangered animals Students had fun learning about endangered animals making models and brochures and are looking forward to visiting the zoo next week! Did you know bottlenose dolphins habitats are damaged by rubbish in the ocean?

String Telephones!

String Telephones Does sound travel better through a solid or through air? We’ve been having fun making string telephones this week to find out!

New Planners!

New Student Planners! We have new planners! We are learning to be independent and organized! Students are writing down their goals and important things to remember each day. It’s just one way we are learning for life!

PE on Wednesdays

PE on Wednesdays Sports are fun! Students love PE on Wednesday afternoons! Team “Cheetahs” were the winners this day. We are developing soccer skills this season and looking forward to swimming and tennis later this year!

Open House SATURDAY 5/15

Open House SATURDAY 5/15 Our next Open House will be on SATURDAY 5/15 9AM online and 10AM in-person at our Yokohama Campus. Come see the facilities, meet the team, get an overview of the curriculum and school life as well as ask any questions. Capacity is limited so register early to avoid missing out.

Child Safety Protection Network

Child Safety & Protection Network We are pleased to have become a member of the Child Safety & Protection Network! We are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all students. This connects us to a network to enhance our transparency, provide access to training and resources, and assist us in implementing effective policies and practices for the safety …

Introducing our head of elementary

Introducing Our Head Of Elementary Introducing our head of elementary, Sarah Castle! Sarah will join us at Zoe International School from April and brings a wealth of experience as a specialist in literacy and teaching English as a foreign language. Originally from the US, Sarah is an outstanding educator, and she can’t wait to meet our students on April 5!

We are a CAJ (Christian Academy Japan) Affiliate School

Christian Academy Japan Affiliate We are pleased to have become an Affiliate School of CAJ ( Christian Academy in Japan)! This enables our students to have access to a variety of resources and events, and provides support, consultancy and opportunities for professional development for our staff. Because we are better together!

Our Uniforms Have Arrived!

Our Uniforms Have Arrived! Presenting our new uniforms! We can’t wait to welcome our first students in April! Applications are now open for our Yokohama campus and online campus! Apply Now