Grade 1 is enjoying term 1

Grade 1 is enjoying term 1Term 1 is off to a great start with our 1st graders!Students are beginning to make new friends and pursue common interests.They have also started to take responsibility for classroom tasks.We are very proud of you!

New Middle & Highschool Facilities

New Middle & Highschool FacilitiesMiddle school & high school students have been enjoying their new classrooms and getting know their new homeroom and specialist teachers!

Showing “ZOE Full Life”

Showing “ZOE Full Life”Our G2 class has really shown the qualities of “ZOE” or “fullness of life” in their 1st week back at school! They are excited to move from being the youngest class ,to now being models to our G1 and new PREP class.

New School Year

New School Year We hope you are as excited as we are about the new school year kicking off on Monday!We can’t wait to show you all the facility upgrades and introduce you to new staff & teachers!

School Camp

School Camp Highschool students had the best time at their annual school camp – making memories to last a lifetime!

Field Trips

Field Trips As we wrap up the end of the school year, students have been enjoying end-of-term field trips and camps. Congratulations, you made it! We look forward to welcoming everyone back with many new faces starting in April!  

Genius Hour Presentations

Genius Hour PresentationsAt Zoe we believe every student is a “genius” in some area – it just may look different to others.Students love showcasing their “Genius Hour” project this week to parents and teachers.From musical instruments, to programming, to art, to sport, it is amazing to see every student find their spark and come alive every week during Genius Hour.If …

The Moon’s Phases

The Moon’s PhasesIn Science G4 students have been studying about “Our Solar System and the Universe”. As part of this study, they have also learned about Earth’s Moon. The project we worked on related to the moon and its phases involved Oreo cookies. Of course, they enjoyed lunch after this project as well … yum!

G1 Reading

G1 ReadingFor the remaining weeks of Term 3, Grade 1 students have been doing their best to read as fluently as possible before moving on to Grade 2. They have been writing formal and informal letters every morning this week and devouring books from our class library. It is amazing to see their development this year!

Learning Guitar

Learning Guitar Did you wish you learned a musical instrument when you were a child? The gift of music is something you can carry with you your whole life.   This term middle & highschool students have started to learn guitar in their music class. Our unofficial slogan at Zoe is “the school you wished you went to” and we …