Zoo at School

Zoo at School November was packed full of events that have certainly left the children with many good memories!   One highlight was connecting with our local zookeepers at Nogeyama zoo, as they brought animals to our school for the students to learn about.   Thank you to the zoo staff and parents who supported this event, the students had …

Sea Bass Tour

Sea Bass Tour A big thank you to Yokohama City for inviting us on a “Sea Bass” tour and information session about the tour.   Students were able to learn and understand some of the rich history of the best and most beautiful city in Japan!

Thanksgiving 2023

Thanksgiving 2023 We had the best time celebrating Thanksgiving at school!Students & parents were able to bring food from their country and of course, we had some delicious desserts!A big thank you to the PTA for your support and help making it a memorable day to be thankful!

Tejas Asia Fundraising

Tejas Asia Fundraising Wow! Students raised a total of ¥108,751 to help support the students at Tejas Asia in New Delhi!   Students dress up in the “Colors of India” and bought along a coin donation to be given directly to Tejas Asia.   Tejas Asia is a non-profit school organisation in New Delhi india that serves some of the …

Fall Festival

Fall Festival Students had a blast at our family-friendly “Fall Festival” this week! They came up with some creative ways to dress up and of course, there was candy for all!

Deep Thinking

Deep Thinking This week our students engaged in a variety of activities including deep thinking, writing, reading, researching, designing, and testing. Each morning we have introduced the habit of journaling for 2-4 minutes to encourage students to think about how they are feeling at that moment and why. Our goal for this school year is to help them identify and …

100 Days of School

100 Days of School It’s been a busy week in school! From 100 day celebrations, to science experiments, to swimming at PE – students finish every day tired but excited for tomorrow!

YCAC Facilities Partnership

YCAC Facilities Partnership Thank you to Yokohama Country & Athletic Club (YCAC) for partnering with us for our PE program! We are so excited to be able to offer Zoe students the best possible facilities and also support local organizations in Yokohama.

Candy Store Trip

Candy Store Trip G2 students have been working on “The States of Matter” in science so recently they visited the local candy store in Bashamichi.   Students saw matter changing its form due to heat applied and investigated whether or not it could go back to its original form.   Of course they had to sample the finished products as …


Balance At Zoe we understand the importance of balancing different aspects of student lives – intellectual, physical, and emotional. While we like to have fun and exercise (especially at the pool in summer!), we also like to exercise our minds intellectually. When all 3 are done in harmony, our students are happy and do well!